A downloadable game for Windows

The fourth and definitive game of a series of arcade-like games where you go through levels dodging enemies in a top-down perspective.

To play the game, open the "RPG_RT.exe" file in the folder.

The game has five modes:

Normal Mode: The original levels from Brutal's Challenge.

Easy Mode: Normal Mode, but with more checkpoints, fewer levels and altered enemies.

Deluxe Mode: An extended version of Normal Mode that remixes all existing stages, adds new stages so that every world has 10 levels, and adds two completely new worlds, also with 10 levels.

Hard Mode: Unlocked when you beat Deluxe Mode. A much harder run of Brutal's Challenge (Normal/Easy Mode) + three new worlds and has two endings. The conclusion of the game's story and the best ending is in Hard Mode. When you beat it, you'll have access to the Post-Game Hub v2.

Survival Mode: Unlocked when you beat Hard Mode, can be accesed via the Post-Game Hub v2. Beat 5 levels without getting hit. Has three difficulty options.

The game's original soundtrack can be heard on YouTube, along with a download link of the OST in the description.

[Misc. Changes from Brutal's Challenge]

-Improved presentation
-Many bugfixes
-More movement options, such as the Run feature and moving diagonally
-More options, such as camera control
-More characters to play as
-Some stages have been rebalanced

The game has 190 levels, not counting levels from the two included games (Brutal's Spooptober and MERRY CHRISTMAS ft. Brutal).

Install instructions

To play the game, open the "RPG_RT.exe" file in the folder.


Brutal's Challenge DeluXe v2.zip 149 MB


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